Or so Zillah thought. She made sure to bring her plastic water dish to me once it was empty, too. I just wish she would have done more around the house, like pick up her poo in the backyard. Lucas is the poodle in the photo. I was introduced to this family by Larissa and they went out of town on a ski trip to Utah, so I got to hang out with these two for ten days at the beginning of January. They had a hot tub which was perfect to warm me up on those damp, cold Seattle days. It was a nice staycation, hardy har har. Luckily, they were good dogs so I didn’t have to raise my voice at all. Only my eyebrows, when Zillah would bring her bowl to me.

I had a New Years’ Eve dinner at their house. Starting in front (clockwise) is Carol, Lea, Brian, Lenin, Michelle and Larissa. After a delicious dinner, we went and boogied at a party.

One more eating photo, it’s cute Carol eating clam chowder. It was a creamy, yummy, heart warming, tiny chowder restaurant at Pike’s Place Market. So good, we ate there twice. Kind of like Carol’s addiction to hot chocolate with cayene pepper – from a chocolate house not far from where I was housesitting. I think we went there about three times.