In Helena, my mom is staying in a two bedroom first floor condo. It’s located at the edge of town, so almost every day, the deer come and hang out on lawns to eat grass. Usually there would be only three deer who would stop by in the back, but one day there were probably six to ten deer hanging out. I walked into the kitchen, looked out the window, jumped back and gasped. The deer froze and then galloped away. Funny, a tough city chick frightened by Bambi. I knew that a couple of them had come around the side of the building, so I was able to get a quick shot of it from the kitchen window (not a great picture with the screen). No zoom, this was how close she was to me. On the news, they said that there are too many deer around, so they were going to shoot them, too, but not with a camera.

This was taken through the back patio door. She’s not in the country but in a subdivision in town.

Mountains surround the area as you can see in this photo, shot from my mom’s parking lot. Look at that big sky!