I was digging through some old photos because I really need to update my Flickr site and I came across kitty cat photos. Of course, they are all adorable and it was hard to choose what to post. The one to the right was taken in the winter when both cats were trying to get some heat. Mons would hog the pillow in front of the heater, so Fig would be left to hang down over the tub to grab some hot air. She would hang there when the heat turned on! (Don’t let her fool you, she had a cat bed behind Stacy’s door in front of a heater, too.) Once, when Fig was sitting on that ledge, she barfed on Mons’ head. He went running out of the bathroom, pawing at and shaking off the used cat food.

It was one year ago from this week (January 23rd, I think) that Mons was put to sleep. It touches my heart to think of our little guy. I remember how I had to learn to give up control over the fiercely independent, stubborn, intelligent and charming boy. It just didn’t work with him. And I’ve found that it doesn’t work with others. My life has become easier, knowing this. After I gave up control of Mons, he stopped trying to control me. So weird. He was a lover, too. He would demand to climb under the covers with Stacy or I to snooze at night. When he first met Fig, he hissed at her and walked away, pretending that he’d never like her. But over time, he was her guardian and would put up with her nipping his heels to play. He would clean her head and she his. I’ve read that people come into your life for some reason, to learn from them. I feel that pets do, too. I’m so lucky to have known Mons.