Nice, eh? I grabbed this photo from Luann’s Flickr site. It’s me on a boogie board, she took the photo when I was out to visit her in San Diego last August. I’m going to Chicago this week, but then I think it’s time for me to head to the sunshine and warmth of Los Angeles. It might not be until March, because I have things I need to work on. I want to learn new web applications which will open up more freelance opportunities and finish my novel. It’s been really nice to not have to do much “work” but I’m starting to get antsy. I’ve been able to decompress from my old job and open my mind to new possibilities. It’s been one of the most challenging things I’ve done in my life – to leave and not really know where I’ll end up. And more painful than I realized leaving family and friends. But it’s all good! Stuff to write about . . .

When I first decided to move, it was either going to be to Seattle or San Diego. Seattle felt right at the time and well worth the journey, but I realized that I needed to go to S. California, too. I’m choosing to go to LA instead of San Diego because when I was in Seattle it felt small – I still need some vibrancy from the city. San Diego might be a bit small, not sure, though.

I’m at the coffee shop and just overheard a conversation about living in Montana. The guy said that it’s tough living in Butte because he’s a vegetarian and Buddhist. He works as a documentary filmmaker and teaches. And sleeps at his office because it’s more comfortable than the $225/month room he rents. The lady he’s with said that she’s been in Helena for four years and still hasn’t met a group of like-minded friends. She came from LA and is a painter (I think she has a Polish accent). I have seen a few granola-looking people and snowboarders here in town, but it would not be easy for me to live here. I realize the advantages of living in a city – you can really find your niche.