Yesterday I had a detoxifying and relaxing soak in the Boulder Hot Springs, only a half an hour from Helena. It was so so so nice and so very sweaty! They only charged me seven bucks for the afternoon. I spent time in the one hundred and six degree mineral bath, the steam room, the outdoor ninety-eight degree pool and a few seconds in the freezing cold pool (when I started to overheat). In the hot mineral bath, when I would submerge up to my neck I felt pressure on my chest, like the hot water was a heavy weight – very weird. The place was nothing fancy or shi-shi, just plain, humble, rejuvenating tubs with a mix of people, young and old, rich and hicks. Now I’m all young, healthy and radiant. I’d say nearly unrecognizable.

When I’m in Chicago next week, maybe I’ll check out the Division St Russian & Turkish Baths or the Chicago Sweat Lodge or the luxurious, inviting, cat-friendly Peterson Bath!