I was in a coffee shop this morning, what’s new? Well, now I’m in Helena, MT. I know, a little crazy. Seattle wasn’t working out for me at this point, so I decided to take a road trip to visit my mom. She’s consulting at a hospital in Helena. It’s a cute mountain town with streets such as Prospect Ave., Last Chance Gulch St., Horseshoe Bend Rd., Paydirt Dr., Gold Rush Ave., Hideout St., and Saddle Dr. Sounds so romantic, but I haven’t seen anyone riding horses or slinging guns. I have seen cowboys in big pick up trucks on cellphones.

People look me in the eye here . . . such a freaky thing. In Chicago, we don’t look at each other. Here they try to start up a conversation with anyone . . . figure out where you’re from and why you’re in town. Very friendly. The weather has been better than both Chicago and Seattle – in the mid-40s and sunny. I probably only wore my sunglasses once in the 2 months I spent in Seattle. I’ve been here 3 days and I’ve had to wear them twice. Feels good to be in the sun.

The coffee shop this morning had an interior that resembled the days when sidewalks were wooden and the streets, dirt. It had booths and bar stools scattered in little wooden nooks divided by walls and columns. For instance, there was a booth in the back that had it’s own room with an old rickety screen door. It’s all old grayish wood throughout the shop with mercantile such as postcards and Asian pottery for purchase. It had a cozy atmosphere and seemed a bit private. But then I overheard an interesting conversation.

“I don’t know who my father is because my mother who was a meth addict and drunk slept with many men. She died when I was four years old.” It was a female’s voice but I couldn’t see her. I kept trying to listen but I only caught a few more details. It sounded as though she had been to therapists, but didn’t like them. One even suggested she undergo hypnosis for help with post traumatic stress in which the victim has to re-live the situation in order to move on from the event. She said she had no intention of re-living her childhood. Then she was talking about fiance problems. She said that he would get into trouble when he drank – they would fight and he was mean. Her solution was to keep him busy so he wasn’t tempted by the bottle. So she set a schedule for him. He went to a bible study and was starting his own business – Quickstar – the multi-level marketing company related to Amway. She said that she was pushing him to religion and if he’s challenged with learning about god, that will solve the drinking problem. Yikes! It sounded like she was going to re-visit her childhood, but this time it wasn’t her mom who had the problem, it was her fiance.

All that from the coffee shop – people fascinate me! Then the guy who was sitting to the right of me was on his computer playing a video. I recognized the voice of Eckhart Tolle, a spiritual teacher. He writes about how people create drama within their lives because they’re so focused on the past and future. He teaches about living in the present moment. And that you can’t fix people, you have to accept them for who they are or remove them from your life. I wanted to go grab the girl and put her in front of Eckhart – maybe then she would wake up. But then again, maybe she wouldn’t.