That’s all they’re talking about out here. It’s still snowing. I drove to Vancouver, WA (near Portland) from Seattle on Saturday and had to drive about 40 mph the last half of the trip because the roads were snowy and slick. The normal almost 3 hr trip took 4.5 hrs. It reminded me of driving in South Dakota in the winter. In Chicago, the interstates are usually pretty clear because of the plows, salt and amount of traffic. They don’t salt out here, but use gravel and have only a limited amount. There were a few trucks and SUVs in the ditch – one was even upside down. As I scanned radio stations, I noticed that even on the channels that play pop music, the DJs talk about Christianity (not in Seattle, though). It was a shock when I was in Vancouver for Thanksgiving. A bible reference would be mentioned, so I would flip the channel thinking I was on a Christian station. But no, all sorts of music channels. Not sure that it was all channels, but the ones the I was hitting. It makes me uncomfortable because there are all sorts of religions. But I guess mainly Christian in this area.

Anyway, today is bad weather again and they’re recommending no travel. My cousins came over to my aunt and uncle’s yesterday, but they had chains on their vehicles. Now I understand why there are so many big SUVs and trucks (4-wheel drive) out here – especially when going through mountain passes. It’s people versus nature. When I was on the interstate to Vancouver, at one point over halfway through my trip, all sort of cars and SUVs pulled over to the side of the road to “chain-up”. It was like a trend, once a vehicle stopped and people noticed what they were doing, everyone had to do it.

I felt the tug, but then resisted. I have a set of chains in my car, thanks to my uncle who gave them to me over Thanksgiving. I didn’t want to take the time to put them on because I knew it would take me a bit since I’d never done it before. I figured I’d drive slow. The way they work is you get two chains for either the front two or back two wheels. Since I have front-wheel drive, I’d have to put the chains on my front two tires. The maximum speed with chains on is around 40 mpg.

My uncle said that since I have a Prius, it’s probably good in the snow. I never thought of it before, but he said that because of the weight of the batteries in the engine, even distribution and the fact that I’m closer to the ground I’m good in the snow. I made it to Vancouver, but I couldn’t make it up their driveway!