Last Saturday night, Larissa, Michelle and I went over to Larissa’s friends’ house for a holiday theme party. So much fun – a lot of people dressed in the 1950s-60s eras. It started snowing that evening, so it was very pretty outside. Although the house was on a steep hill so I had to pray that I wouldn’t fall on my ass in those boots. In the photo (from left to right) is Cindy (the host – love the dress, I’d wear it out to any party), Michelle, me (I bought that dress at a second hand store for about 5 bucks – score!) and Larissa. My dress was so tight that it fit me like a rubber glove. Good thing it fit, can’t be picky when you go to a second hand store. Excuse me please, do you have this dress in a size bigger and perhaps in navy blue? Forget it. In the photo below is Larissa, so cute! I don’t think she’s smoked a day in her life, but she’s a good actress. The only cancer she’d get from that cigarette would be from the high fructose corn syrup. She’s drinking a Harvey Wallbanger, yummy. Nice glasses!