It shouldn’t surprise me but I am shocked at how far he took it. I mean, really, his ego must be so big that he can’t even see straight. He’s blinded by power. To think that he could go on, la-de-da, without a thought to the people he’s supposed to be representing. It’s almost laughable, what he thought he could get away with.

It’s like someone you invite into your house, offer them dinner and drinks, good times and then he steals your puppy. And says he didn’t take it. Then you spot him walking down the street with your puppy. You call your puppy “Fifi” and the puppy jumps to you, excited. But he says, she’s not “Fifi”, his name is “Fido”. But you say, look and point to her privates, it’s a she not he. And he says, you must be mistaken, come along “Fido”. And you think, oh, I must be mistaken because he’s important, he would know. So the next time you go to his house, “Fido” is very fat. And then he lays down and goes into labor, three pups pop out. And you say, wait a minute, that’s a girl, that’s my “Fifi” and he says haven’t you seen Oprah, it’s possible for a male to have babies. And you say, haven’t seen Oprah lately, but if he and Oprah says so, it must be so. He offers you a puppy, so now you’re happy.

All is well, you train your puppy “Lulu” and then enter her in an agility contest. You bump into him there, he has brought along “Fido”. You ask him why “Fido” is wearing a bonnet and he says that it’s to keep the sun out of her, I mean his eyes. You look down at “Lulu”, she’s wearing her pink Mickey Mouse sunglasses. “Fido” is not participating in the contest, but watching. “Lulu” does so well in the contest that she wins a blue ribbon, free dog bones for a year and a $500 gift certificate towards her next birthday party.

You can see that he is furious, as you wave and walk the circle with “Lulu”. He comes up later and admits, hey, this is actually “Fifi”, he points to your old dog, do you want her back? You look down at the dog, stunned, what? This is really “Fifi”? He says, yes, she wants to go home with you now. Of course you want her back, “Fif” was your first true puppy love. But then he points to “Lulu” and says that you have to trade, then. You look at him like he’s wacked out of his mind and say no, you must be high. He says that you can keep the prizes and the sunglasses, he just wants the dog. You’ve had it up to your eyeballs with him, you can’t believe that someone you trusted and considered a friend could do such a thing. You grab “Fifi’s” leash and make a run for it with both dogs. He dashes after you, in shape from running 3.5 miles a day. In no time, he barrels down on you. The police show up and he screams that you’re trying to steal his dog. He hollers at the police to arrest you but then finds himself handcuffed. You hear him convincing, whining, complaining all the way to the squad car. You look at his wife and ask, why was he arrested? She answers, “greed”, and then cries into her long silk gloves. You luckily, walk away, unscathed with your two dogs.

It will take time, but I’m sure the people of Illinois will gain their trust back in elected officials. Gov. Rod Blagojevich was just brought up on corruption charges but the most unbelievably blatant one is the fact that he was trying to sell the Obama seat because he doesn’t make enough as governor. He was also trying to get editors and writers from the Tribune fired if they didn’t paint a pretty picture of him. Watching U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald rattle off the charges against the governor at the podium made me think of Eliot Ness trying to take down Al Capone. Are we still stuck in that vicious cycle? Thank god they finally got him, may he rest in prison with former Gov. George Ryan.