Yesterday was nice, about 55 degrees and cloudy – perfect day for a walk through the neighborhood with Woody. As we passed an alley, I couldn’t help but to stare. A lady who appeared to be well-dressed was standing by a dumpster smoking. She was an older lady with what I figured was probably white/gray hair under a plastic cap with an elastic band that snaps to the head – the kind that people wear when serving food or when they’re at the beauty parlor. She most certainly was getting beautified because she had a colorful plastic smock wrapped around her front. I suppose a cut, color and style. My first instinct was to feel sorry for her, poor woman who had probably smoked since the 1950s now relegated to a back alley so her habit wouldn’t infect anyone else. In her furrowed brow, she was probably thinking what has happened to the younger generation? They’re scared of everything.

Now, I know that smoking is not good for you and for cripes sake couldn’t she stand just two hours without a puff? I recently listened to a Deepak Chopra talk and he said that a study was done and smoking/drinking/bad food is NOT the leading cause of heart disease. There are two questions you could ask a person to find out if they’ll be affected by the disease. How happy are they and do they enjoy their job? If you’re mired in negative thinking/stress about your job or life, your body will not be healthy to ward off such diseases. Do you know when the most people have heart attacks? It’s been documented that most people suffer heart attacks at 9am on Mondays. Wow! He believes that, in general, those two simple things can affect whether smoking will get you or not. Healthy mind = healthy body. Is it possible if people found genuine happiness within themselves, they would hold on to this addiction? Who knows . . .

As for the kind old lady with the dirty habit, couldn’t she be grandfathered in somehow? Like if you’ve been smoking at the same business for say twenty years, you get to puff away inside? Put her in the back office with the coffee pot? Sit her by a cracked window? Book smokers for appointments between 10am and noon? I have to say that I do enjoy going into smoke-free businesses – smoking stinks for sure! But just by putting more and more laws against smoking in public and soon, I’m sure, on the street are not going to stop people from smoking. Out of spite, it may encourage people to pick up their fags and smoke away.