I know it’s not right, but I love my car. From Chicago all the way to Seattle, the trip only cost about $120 – wow! It’s a Prius and gets about 45 miles per gallon, but I have to say that I got lucky because the price of gas went down right before my dad and I left. In Chicago, I think it was close to three bucks a gallon the day I left. In North Dakota and in Montana it was about $2.20 or so. The other day, I filled up for a buck-eighty!

It was treacherous going across North Dakota when my we did because they had a blizzard a couple days before. It wasn’t so much the snow, but the ice. I was going about 75 miles/hr and I hit a small ice patch on the interstate. It threw the car into the lane beside us but recovered quickly when it hit the dry road – phewww! And we were lucky that there were no other cars around. For a second, I thought we’d end up in the ditch because we had passed vehicles that were being pulled out.

We stopped at a gas station, on the lonely interstate through the tundra. Small town, nothing around. The pump wouldn’t pump – it kept shutting off as if my tank was full. I went in and the guy said, something about a dollar-fifty on my credit card like I was a moron who didn’t know how to work the pump. Probably saw my shiny red car (the lone car in truck-land) and Illinois license plate, and shook his head and thought, city-folk. I told him that the pump wasn’t working and then it dawned on him. He looked out across the blustery landscape and told me that the pump must have been frozen. Nice! He said that the one on the other side worked because it wasn’t getting hit by the freezing cold wind. All I could think was get me out of here! It’s too cold! So, in my fluffy not-so-warm coat, I hurried to “get her done” and got back on the road.