I was just looking a few blogs below which triggered a campfire memory. The day we were headed from Seattle to Lakebay, we stopped at the grocery store to pick up s’more fixn’s. I told Brian (Jodi was with us, too – we had gone to Pike Place Market that morning) that I wanted to go to Whole Foods because I had just spoken to Larissa. She had stopped at Whole Foods for a Jamba Juice for lunch – that sounded yummy! But the Whole Foods that we stopped at didn’t have one attached to it – suck. We were there, so to save time I said let’s just pick up groceries. I couldn’t find the graham crackers, so a store clerk led me to them. I grabbed the box and asked him for marshmallows. He said they were out of the pre-packaged type but I could go to the bakery and get homemade ones. What? How do you make marshmallows? That’s ridiculous – I wanted the processed ones in a plastic bag. I told Brian that we’d have to pick them on the way back to Larissa’s because I couldn’t imagine them being cheap at Whole Foods.

Later that night, in front of a raging campfire, black sky filled with stars above our heads, Larissa opened the box of graham crackers. She took a bite and exclaimed, “these are stale, yuck!” They better not be, I paid double for them at Whole Foods. Then she looked at the box, they were all-natural whole wheat good-for-you graham crackers. Turned out that they weren’t stale at all, just healthy. I didn’t mind them once I lathered my golden processed marshmallow and hunk of chocolate in between them!