I flew into San Diego, late afternoon on Wednesday. AnnMarie and Thomas picked me up from the airport. It has been great to be back in the land of sun and palm trees! The weather has been perfect, around 80s. Their condo is not even a block from the ocean, so it’s amazing to walk up and have an incredible view of the sail boats, surfers and the sun shimmering down on the water. I’m sitting by the small swimming pool right now – this is the life! They have 3 dogs – Rita, outgoing chiuaua/corgi mix; Rat, timid terrier mix (Hurricane Katrina rescue); and Albert, dainty papillon (found on the street). Rita is confident and looks like she speaks Spanish, Rat has to walk behind everyone otherwise she scoots sideways with her tail between her legs, and Albert marches forward with his legs outstretched and hops a bit when excited. They’re all so unique. They’ve warmed up to me, so I love hanging out with them. Oh yes, and hanging out with AnnMarie and Thomas. Hehe!