On Monday night Larissa, I and her neighbor Amy, sweated our butts in Bikram yoga. It was a good class because it was small and the teacher corrected me on a few things I had been doing wrong. But the next day, I was feeling a little sore. I’ve done Bikram about once a week for the past few months, so not sure why. Maybe because of my lazzzy weekend. On Tuesday, we decided to add more soreness by hiking 2 miles up and 2 miles down a mountain. As we were walking into the trail, flat level, I told Larissa that it was a very nice trail! She told me that we were not on the actual trail, yet. Hah! I’m a flatlander, not used to going up and down. Duh, now I realize that’s why I’m sore. Brian took Jodi and i around Pike’s Place Market on Friday morning and there was a lot of up and down stairs that left all of us winded. Biking in that city must be a challenge. The cabin also sat on a hill, so the incline to the water meant traipsing back up. But the trail on Tuesday was amazing, through the green mossy forest and up to the top with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and lakes below. As we walked up, sweat dripped down my back and butt, just like in Bikram. Woody carried his own backpack with water, how smart! Larissa called the trail the “family trail” because on weekends it’s busy with young and old. People out there must be in good shape. I found it challenging, so a good beginner trail. I couldn’t see myself becoming a mountaineer, but maybe a leisurely hiker – hey, where’s the concession stand? You mean I have to walk back down? Where’s the tram?