I got a cat. Her name is Sy and she’s sweet lover. But not quite a baby. I got her from www.purebredcatrescue.org and they think she might be around 8 months. Someone found her out running around with a group of feral cats, nearly starving to death so they nursed her back to health. I told the lady at the rescue that I didn’t want another female, I wanted a more friendly male. Sy surprised me because she is so nice!
See her video story here
. When I first went to see her, I couldn’t believe how much attention she demanded. There were 2 other cats in the room (1 of which I had applied to adopt) and she won me over but I was a little hesitant because Fig needs lots of attention, too. Sy has lived with us for almost 2 weeks now and is melding into our routine. Well, I’m not at home right now, but this is what Stacy tells me. Fig is still hissing at her, but Sy remains patient and ready to play. She keeps pawing at Fig to play with her. I think they will become best friends!
Here’s a recent photo of Fig, kind of blurry, but she’s looking regal! She’s a little paranoid right now because the little one likes to sneak up and try to pounce on her. Stacy said that Fig was drinking water and Sy was hunched down, wiggling her butt in the air – attack mode. And then pounced at Fig, unexpectedly. I’m sure Fig was pissed. She was used to being the baby, so it’s a big change for her.

I feel lucky that I got to adopt Sy! Hopefully Fig will feel the same in the near future . . .