Last weekend, Larissa, Brian, Jodi and I headed to Lakebay, just south of Seattle, to hang out at my Aunt Karen and Uncle Dave’s cabin. It’s on the Puget Sound, surrounded by little islands covered in evergreens and other green green green stuff. We went blackberry picking one day, they grow wild and tasted delicious. Cheaper than Whole Foods, heh. The cabin has a bed and a couple of pull-out beds, not big but it didn’t feel small either. It’s been in my uncle’s family since the 60s and they just keep updating it. The shower is now indoors, good deal! It’s funny because before I left Chicago I was excited about going crabbing and also about taking their boat out water skiing. When we got there, the tide was too high to go crabbing – it’ll be perfect this week. They left the boat at home because the trailer needed to be fixed. Saturday morning was sunny and hot but by the afternoon it started raining off and on. So it really didn’t matter. We had such a good time, first being LAZY – I loved to sit and stare at the sound. I felt like I was in a trance the whole weekend, kind of like when I visited Hvar, Croatia – so relaxing. We also played Mexican train car (I think that’s what it’s called) – dominoes. It reminded me of being a kid because when we camped and it rained, we played games. So much fun! Old man Wally, a neighbor dog, came over and hung out with us. Woody (Larissa’s dog) loved running around and rolling in the beach gook. Their neighbors had friends and a couple of dogs. So lots of doggy romping on the beach. We had campfires at night, with s’mores. It really cooled off at night, so the fire was nice and toasty. Dave and Karen cooked lots of good meals for us and on Saturday, Dave went out a got some mussels (they were hanging off a wooden platform) and him and I (Karen had a few) chowed them down. They were soft and delicious! We didn’t get any gooey ducks because the tide was too high. It’s amazing that they can go out their back door and find these things that are so expensive in restaurants. We had so much fun. I can’t wait to go back!