Finally, here in Hvar Town where they brag about the sunny days – it’s been very nice with blue skies. It rained and was gray mid-week. We arrived here almost a week ago  – haven’t been able to leave. It is slow and I’m starting to get ansy because most everything is shut down or only open part of the day. We’ve been exploring the coast, though, with tons of hiking.

When our ferry docked, a blonde lady was holding a sign for a room for rent, so we went with her to see the place. It’s very cute and up on the hill so we have great views. She said it’s only 5 minutes walking to the main center. Well, it’s actually more like 10 minutes and straight up or down. It’s a workout! We have a kitchen, so have been eating breakfast and lunch in the room. The patio overlooks the Adriatic – we just sit and stare at the view. It’s so weird, I feel like I’m in a trance. There are very few tourists here right now – I guess it’s nuts in the summer, so I’d rather not have that.

Hvar Town was built by the Venetians, so it looks very similar to St. Marks Square (I think that’s what it’s called) in Venice. All the buildings in the town center are made of a white stone and the narrow alleyways lead up and down to homes and restaurants. It’s adorable here. I guess that’s why we got stuck. Dinners are expensive – about 30 to 40 bucks, but when you consider that we’re each paying less than 20 bucks a night, it’s not much for the day.

The people here are not as friendly as on the main land – they’re very blunt but will help if you ask. We were just in a small art gallery and the lady working there said that the older people don’t like it when it’s  so busy in the summer. The few tourists that are here are friendly – most seem to smile and greet us in whatever language they speak. We’ve heard Italian, German, English and French for the most part.

The town is very small but most of the houses are right on top of each other – all going up a hillside. The coast is amazing and we got a workout today going over rocks, through pine trees and beach pebbles. The water is a gorgeous turquoise blue – it looks fake! I’ll write more about the town later and our day trip to another small town . . . but I’m off to dinner!