Croatian’s love their dogs. This is a new concept to me because I always thought that Europeans were more about families, but then again I haven’t been here in a long time.  They have pet stores with dog dishes, bones and clothes. I guess I always think that people who spend so much time and money on dogs are city people with no kids. I’m dumb. Lots of people, especially in Zagreb took their dogs out for walks. I even saw some folks walking, with their dogs right beside them with no leash. Very well-trained dogs.

Here in Hvar, the dogs wander around alone. They all have collars on them and know where home is. None are scraggly or under-fed. A waiter laughed, jokingly at me when I asked about the dogs running around. He bragged, they don’t have microchips! The dogs pretty much ignore tourists and go about their way, sniffing and pooping. They have very good manners. I’ve seen some puppies on leashes so I’m assuming that the owners are training them.

The cats are so so cute, too. They are very friendly and mew at me when I look at them. They are obviously not mistreated and look for affection. I saw one up at the fortress and as Stacy was looking out over the beautiful town and amazingly old structure, I said, look at the kitty! Then ran over to pet it and hang out. So much for history . . .