We basically used Split as a launching point to the islands. We stayed overnight on Saturday night  and then took a ferry to Hvar on Sunday afternoon. There isn’t much to see but  there is the Diocletian’s Palace with is a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s basically a bunch of old walls and narrow alleyways with restaurants and shops. As we sat in the cafe, we once again stared at other tourist with their kids, dogs and listened to other languages and giggled at what some wore. I do love the freedom of expression here!

There is an old church in palace area – they were having church service on Sunday as we wandered around. It was cool to hear the chants and organ music. Lots of tourists around. The shops were closed on Sunday, but maybe that was to my benefit – hah!

Outside the walls of the old city is the port. There are cafes and stores that look out to the Adriatic Sea and the ground is covered in a a white stone – I think it might be limestone – it’s gorgeous. It’s a cute town, with old buildings and modern shopping.